Introduction to Online Casino Games

It is admittedly impossible to perfectly replicate the atmosphere of a live casino when playing in an online casino. However, there are so many benefits of online gambling that it more than compensates for any shortcomings.

One of those virtues is the fact that online casinos offer all the games that are most popular to the public, with incredible technical quality, vivid graphics, numerous player options and the ultimate in convenience. Not only that, but with size, sound and speed controls, you can fashion a certain atmosphere as well.

There is no comparison between the selection of games you can get online and what you are limited to in a land-based environment. What we are going to do in this section, however, is take a look at the "meat-and-potatoes" games, so to speak, examining some of the rules, strategy and playing tips that are associated with the games. We trust that you are going to be able to find useful information on at least one game you participate in on a regular basis.


There is little question that slots generate the most interest among online casino customers. The reason isn't so terribly hard to figure out; they are very simple to learn and simple to play. No one needs a lengthy tutorial to play a virtual slot machine.

They also offer the opportunity to take down considerable wins, especially when the progressive jackpots come into play. There are slots of all types, ranging from the simple "one-armed bandits" to the very sophisticated video slots, and everything in between. Truly there is something for every taste, not to mention the involvement of high rollers and low rollers.


Blackjack is a game that is extremely popular, not just in the physical casino environment but also in the online casinos as well. What makes it very appealing for players looking for variety is the fact that there are many different versions of the game, each of them offering a fresh angle.

Even though the basis of the game is a random number generator, blackjack does nonetheless provide the opportunity for players to improve their chances of winning by having some skill. Mastering a basic strategy for each playing decision can afford a game that essentially becomes a break-even proposition.


Roulette is one of those games that brings quite a bit of mystique with it. Of course, it is really a game that is accessible to all, and it is also a rather simple game to learn. There are two basic versions of the game - the American version and the European version, and in most online casinos you can have your pick of either one. Then there are the "inside" and "outside" bets, which you will place according to whether you want to wager on an individual number or small group of numbers, or a larger group of numbers (generally 18 of them at once). The payout on each of the bets is different, but the odds in favor of the house are consistent.

Video Poker

Video Poker, as it is played in an online casino, is very similar to that which is played in a land-based casino. In fact, the interface is basically the same. It is a game that involves decision-making on the part of players, and therefore there is a skill element that assumes a certain level of importance. You are going to decide which cards you are going to hold from the initial deal, and take new cards in an attempt to improve your chances of scoring a winning combination. With plenty of different variations, there is certainly something to suit every taste.


Baccarat, like roulette, carries with it a certain aura that has been promoted by its portrayal in the movies. Many people look upon baccarat as a game for the high-roller, but actually you can play it quite easily in the online casino environment. While at first glance, the game is dealt like blackjack, there aren't any playing decisions to made; in fact, the only thing a player will decide upon is which side to bet on. The basic principles are not hard to grasp, but frankly, the rules get a little complicated, so if this is something you're interested in, some study is involved.


Craps is, quite naturally and quite understandably, a very lively game in the land-based casino environment, and to be honest, that is something that is hard to duplicate online, since you can't replicate the noise of all the players around you. However, it is still quite efficient and much more orderly when it is played in an online casino.

What does it take to succeed in craps? Well, to start with, you need to understand the procedure of the game, as well as the different bets you can make. And it is absolutely essential to know the value that is built into the wagers you make. That takes an understanding of math and odds.


Keno is a game that is generally associated with the elderly crowd. Well, there is some truth to the fact that is easily adaptable for them, because it moves along at a rather slow pace in an online casino. But its presence online has the capacity to change the dynamic a little, because it can operate at any pace you want it to. As you probably know, Keno involves choosing numbers on a "card" and seeking to match those numbers up with what is drawn by the house. That is not exactly the basis for a skill strategy, but it is a game for everybody when you consider how easy it is to play.