Keno Tips and Advice


Make sure you control your numbers. Keep in mind that you are able to choose up to 15 numbers on any one keno card. But when you choose more numbers your chances of winning decrease. So your objective, in a sense, is to strike a certain balance between making enough "picks" so that you can come away with a decent payout and still get a certain percentage of your picks.

What might be desirable, in the minds of many people who play keno a lot, is to pick anywhere between six and eight numbers, which gives you the best chance to make your payouts count for something, relative to your chances of being able to "score" with that. If you match five numbers, you're basically looking at a break-even situation. When you're talking more than eight numbers, you're really looking at less probability of hitting.

If you are someone who likes to play those "lucky numbers," please pick some numbers that you can remember. Maybe it's your birthday, or something related to your driver's license number or phone number. Whatever it is, it's as good an idea as any to stick with them, because that will alleviate the headache of having to pick different numbers all the time, unless you've got one of those computer programs that automatically generates keno numbers for you. In fact, check out the game you're playing to see if there is an "autopick" component. This, we suppose, will take the guesswork out of things for you.

Don't depend on so-called "probabilities," "tendencies" or "patterns." This game is dealt in a different way. Any kind of reasonable or scientific approach is not something that is going to produce long run wins.

Understand that if you want to be in for the big jackpots, you have to play the maximum number of spots. We're not saying that you need to hit all fifteen numbers, because those odds are astronomical. We're talking about something that will fall short, but give you a big return. If you have the bankroll to go this way, you could rationalize that playing a lot of cards with different combinations is exciting.

Shop around for the best deals. What we mean by that is to seek the best payouts; look for player options. Are there any bonuses that are related to keno? Does a casino have promotions connected to keno, such as tournaments? These are things that might be able to add to your overall experience playing keno.