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When inspecting and evaluating the best payout casinos, one must be mindful of many things, and they all come around to the same thing: what kind of value is the player being offered? In other words, what kind of value is the player going to experience for his or her dollar?

So what goes into something like that? Well, there have to be great games offered, because if the player is not entertained, there is no sense in playing at all. One of the elements that make the games great is the expectation of payouts for the player when they engage in it. This is critical, because we know that when it comes to casino games that are played online, we are dealing with random number generators that will dictate the house to be the winner in the long run. But how much of a winner are they going to be?

Slot games offer a great battleground for payouts, because they are probably the most popular genre of games played online, and they are programmed to return a certain amount to the player. Keep in mind that conceivably you could play games like blackjack so badly that you have no return at all. With a slot game, however, there's really nothing left to do once you have clicked on the "Spin" button.

Payouts are important on many levels. One involves the regular wins that players will earn as a result of hitting certain combinations. You will see those on the pay tables that are in plain view. But there is also the factor of the progressive jackpot, and there are legions of players who take dead aim at those payouts, because they are big. But how frequent do they happen? Well, it is obviously all programmable.

Online casino customers develop trust in casinos that do some independent auditing of the software and the algorithms that determine the payout rates. And as they are certified for this purpose, players get much more of a sense of what they are going to expect when they log on and risk their cash.

Since we like to think we offer a comprehensive guide to that which is important in the online casino industry, we feel it is important to talk about the casinos we have surveyed that offer the best payout percentages. If you are a well-educated player, you are going to use that as a factor when you decide which casinos you want to deposit money at.