Keno Rules


Keno is a game that has its roots in ancient China. It was a money-maker then and is a money-maker now. It's just moved into a more modern age with the technology available.

The rules under which keno is played are not complicated at all. And the game is therefore accessible to everyone. This is why keno is so popular among certain demographics, particularly the elderly. It's not that they don't understand things; it's that those who like keno are looking for something that requires less work learning the rules and afford more time to enjoy the possibility of winning.

Keno, it should be noted, is not a game in which you are competing against other players. You are certainly playing against the house, although it is a relatively relaxed atmosphere that doesn't make it seem very confrontational.

In keno you are going to participate by making up a "ticket" that is going to contain the picks of numbers you make on a game. And by the way, the number of picks (numbers) you put on your ticket does not determine what the price of that ticket is going to be.

You can place up to 15 numbers on your ticket. Whether you are best served by doing so is something we will cover in the next section. There is a pool of 80 numbers that the keno software program is going to choose from. Ultimately that program is going to choose 20 of those numbers, and essentially your objective is to match as many of those numbers as you possibly can. That is what is going to determine your payout.

Of course, once you have picked the numbers you have done the last proactive thing possible to affect your chances of winning, Then you just sort of let it ride. You have certain options here. You can keep your combination of numbers consistent for any number of subsequent games, or you can change it, You can also play multiple tickets for any single draw of the numbers.

One of the great things about playing keno when it is available online is that you have a chance to play the game at your own pace. That's because you are the only player in the room, so to speak; you are in control, and that aspect of the game has made it much more palatable to the younger player, who doesn't like to sit around and wait for things to happen.