Slots Rules


The rules for slots games are by no means standard. All the games have different minimum bets, different coin denominations and different ways to win. Of course, the principle that is attached to the games is the same - that the player has to score on a winning combination in order to get paid.

The great thing about slot machines online is that they carry with them all kinds of characteristics. When you play them, you should know going in that the symbols that come up on the screen have to do so along a "payline," which you will designate before making a spin of the reels. The most basic machines have one or three paylines, but they can also have as many as fifty. Activating each payline requires additional money that has to be bet. But that also gives you more of an opportunity to win. That is why you will sometimes see a winning combination going in a very uneven line; all paylines are not straight lines.

So now the question is - how much do you get paid for these winning combinations? Well, those answers are not a secret. In fact, they should all be in front of you, at the top of the interface of each slot game. That's where the "pay table" is located. These tables let you know exactly how many coins will be paid with each of the winning combinations. In the pay table area, you are also informed as to which of the symbols you see on the reels constitutes the "wild" and the "scatter." A wild symbol substitutes for any of the other symbols for the purposes of completing a winning combination. A scatter is a symbol that can "score" for you no matter where it appears on the screen, and what it generally does is take you to a bonus game, provided enough of them have appeared.

Bonus games are a way for you to pick up some extra cash. These rounds take all forms, so you are well-advised to check out what the bonus game entails. Another thing that happens when enough scatters (usually three or more) appear on the reels is that you are taken to a "free spins" round. There you get exactly that - free spins. In these rounds you can win without risk, and may even win more free spins. There are certainly a lot of ways to win on a slot game when you play it online.