Roulette Tips and Advice


Always keep in mind that the roulette wheel has no memory. What are we trying to say? Well, there are many people who sit at a roulette game with a pencil and paper and literally track all the numbers that have come up. In the online environment, depending on the software provider, the numbers might actually show up on the side, or there can be a player option to be able to track this. This tracking function is for the purposes of recording which numbers have already been selected, as a way of determining which numbers may be "due." Well, the odds of any individual number winding up in the pocket of a roulette wheel are the same on any individual spin of the wheel. Just because a number has appeared does not lessen the chances that it will come next.

Don't start thinking in terms of physical "biases" in the wheel. That is something that may be promoted by some people as a way of picking up a little extra insight in the land-based game, but in the online game, which is governed by the random number generator (RNG), it is useless.

Come to an understanding of the payouts on all the bets. We have mentioned some of the "outside" bets, which are placed outside the main layout. Aside from the even money bets, there are the column bets (where you would wager on an entire column of numbers) or the "dozens" bets, which cover the first, second or third dozen numbers (numerically speaking). Those bets pay 2-to-1.

The "inside" bets (those placed inside the main layout) are on single numbers or small groups. They include the straight-up bets, on individual numbers, which pay 35-to-1; the split bets (covering two numbers), which are 17-to-1; the street bet, constituting a row of three numbers, which pays 11-to-1; the corner bet, covering a square block of four numbers, at 8-to-1, and the line bet, also known as the double street bet, which is a bet on any of six different numbers, which is 5-to-1.

None of this includes the worst bet of all on the roulette table, which is particular to the American version of the game. It is the "five-number" bet, which is placed at the intersection of the 0, 00, 1, 2 and 3, and covers all of those numbers. It pays off at 6-to-1 odds, although there is a 6.2-to-1 chance of it hitting. This wager carries a 7.9% house edge, which is substantially greater than the 5.26% house advantage on all the other roulette wagers.