Rolling Jackpot Promo At Mr Green Live Casino


If you have played Bingo, you probably know what a Snowball jackpot is. If any player gets the full house in the specified number of calls, they win the Snowball jackpot. If no player achieves this then the jackpot is carried forward to the next round with suitable enhancement. So the snowball keeps getting bigger and bigger till the jackpot is hit. Mr Green has started something along these lines at the live dealer casino. The promotion is called Rolling Live Casino Jackpot.

The Rolling Live Casino Jackpot is a monthly event, with the first round running between Wednesday August 1 and Friday August 31. The setting is the Evolution blackjack tables at the live casino operated by Mr Green. The jackpot starts with the seed amount of a whopping €5,000. The first player during the month of August to complete the Blackjack challenge will win the jackpot. If no player is able to manage the challenge before August 31, an extra €5,000 will be added to the jackpot total and September's jackpot amount will be €10,000. And the jackpot will keep growing this way till it is hit.

With this kind of money on offer, the Blackjack challenge will definitely not be easy. You have to be dealt four blackjacks in a row on one of the Mr Green Evolution tables. The chance of being dealt a blackjack is roughly 1 in 21. The chance of being dealt four blackjacks in a row would be about 1 in 195,000. Unlikely as it may first seem, the odds are better than hitting even small progressive jackpots in online video slots. With optimum play blackjack tables offer average returns of over 99%. So you would probably not lose anything much while waiting for the big hit.

There are some other eligibility requirements that will need to be met. Though the Mr Green live casino allows betting behind at the blackjack tables, players who are betting behind will not be eligible for the jackpot. Only the player actually seated at the table can win the jackpot. And he has to get four blackjacks from consecutive deals from the same seat. The best thing is that the promotion does not specify any minimum bet. So you can play at the minimum stakes permitted by the live blackjack table.

Mr Green also operates a RNG online casino powered by NetEnt and licensed by the Malta Gaming Authority. There are a number of exciting promotions running here as well.