Online Slot Tourney At Omni Casino


The Marvelous Slot tournament has been running at Omni Casino for one week. Many of the online casino players have already started building up their scores. If you want to participate in this popular event, you should start wagering immediately because it will end on April 30. This online tournament has a prize pool of $15,000 spread over three leader boards.

If you have participated in the Omni Casino online tournaments before, then you would know how it works. If you are new to this format, then all you have to do is wager on the eligible Playtech slot machines on offer. Make sure that the slot machines you choose have at least 15 paylines and at most 50 paylines. There is no opt-in requirement and no entry fee to be paid. Each wager on each slot spin has to be at least $0.45. At the end of the Marvelous Slot tournament your average bet will be computed automatically and you will be placed in one of the three leader boards. The top ranked players in each leader board will share the prize allotted to that leader board. Omni casino online tournaments are exciting because they offer players with lower scores a chance to win consolation prizes. At each leader board update if you lie on a special Marvel ranking you will be awarded a $50 Marvel Hero bonus.

If you are confused about which slot machine to wager on, you can check the most played games list in the latest issue of The Omni Times, which is the weekly newsletter of Omni Casino. Two recently released games are on the top of the list. These titles are The Three Musketeers and Angel or Devil. Because this is the Marvelous Slot tournament, you may want to play on the Playtech branded Marvel super hero slot games. There are a number of these titles in the top ten, which include Spider-Man, Iron Man 3, The Avengers, Thor and Captain America.

The Omni Times newsletter has introduced a new promotion this week. This is the Power Cash, which can be availed only on Thursday, April 24. Only the VIP Gold and Platinum Club O members can avail this bonus of $125 on their first deposit of $200 or more. The given promotional code must be used while redeeming the bonus. The bonus terms and conditions have been spelled out in the online casino newsletter and you should check them out before claiming the bonus.