Online Gambling Site Hacker Gets Busted


An alarming situation broke the headlines of all news in the online casino industry, as a major hack mas reported. We thought that it would only be appropriate to report on the situation and provide information of all the harm done and the measures being taken in order to counteract the damages. Internet hacks are probably the most dangerous situations online casino players encounter, so keep reading to catch up on all the details of this terrible event.

The news came from a small online poker operator, Seals with Clubs, as it released a formal statement informing its players about how their database was hacked by malicious users. In the statement they said that the credentials of more than 42,000 players had been obtained by the hackers, and players were urged to change their passwords by the online gambling site, “Please do so at your earliest opportunity. If your Seals password was used for any other purpose you should reset those passwords too as a precaution."

Seals with Clubs stated that the hack occurred when they were still using and older data center, which also made it easy for them to identify the hacker and his modus operandi. Luckily, computer site Ars Technica recently reported publically that one of their users is seeking assistance to crack 42,000 encrypted SHA1 passwords, which is the format that the online poker room uses to protect their players information. "The individual who started the thread is offering $20 in Bitcoins for every 1,000 cracked passwords," Ars Technia claimed. "Thousands of them have already been cracked. The first 1,000 were obtained less than 10 minutes after the archive containing the hashes and salts was made available."

It was truly fortunate that the online gambling site, Seals with Clubs, was able to spot the fraudulent party affecting their server, but it is a truly awful situation that all these players were exposed to such huge danger. Nowadays you never know which websites are encrypting your information properly, which is why we strongly recommend that when you want to visit an online gambling site you read the reviews posted for them. Our list of online casinos has been toroughly review, and even though nobody is ever threat-free, these companies make it a priority to protect their players' information at all cost and they have proven to be reliable. We wish players at Seals with Clubs the best of luck with this situation.