Online Casinos to Aid Typhoon Victims in the Philippines


The news of the devastating typhoon that hit the Philippines last week has been going viral on the Internet. The country was devastated by the natural disaster and the death count is still being calculated, but so far it is up to several thousands. Also, according to the United Nations, about 11 million people have been affected by the typhoon and over half a million were displaced. There are relief efforts being organized all over the world aiming to aid the victims and the entire country which has been in crisis for over a week now.

The online casino industry is no stranger to charitable causes, and the well known Calvin Ayre, founder of Bodog and announced that his foundation will match donations up to $1 million to help the victims in the Philippines. This is a great initiative by a leading figure of our industry, and hopefully the goal will be met and a significant amount of money will be sent to all of those who were affected.

The Calvin Ayre Foundation has committed to match all donations made by everyone in the iGaming industry, hoping to encourage other companies and players to donate and boost the amount of aid that Filipinos will receive from the Western hemisphere. Many of the victims lost their homes and are currently awaiting their turn to be evacuated to other islands to find refuge.

Calvin Ayre has already sent $200,000 from his own pocket to help initiate the cause, and has asked other donors to send a copy of their donation over email to and then his foundation will match each one of them up to $1 million. On a statement Ayre made through the foundation he said: "The Philippines has become home to so many online gambling companies who are capitalizing on the booming Asian gambling market. It's time to repay the generosity of the Filipino people by giving as much back to the country that has given us so much."

If you have already made a donation feel free to send your copy via email and double your aid. It is good to see the online casino industry stand in solidarity with the rest of the world, as we are a global body of businesses with customers all around the world. We will keep you updated on whether the Calvin Ayre Foundation's offer is met by others in the industry.