Omni Online Casino Adds To Age Of The Gods Series


Two new online slots in the Age of the Gods series have gone live at Omni Casino. They are Prince of Olympus and Fate Sisters. The earlier Playtech slot games from this series were Furious 4, King of Olympus and Age of the Gods.

Hercules is one of the better-known characters from Greek mythology and many of his exploits are the basis of the thematic symbols. These include the three-headed dog Cerberus, the three golden apples of Hesperides, the belt of Hippolyte and the club of Hercules. The hero donning the pelt of the Nemean lion is the wild symbol. When Hercules lands on the middle row of reel the middle reel, it expands and awards two re-spins with the middle reel locked. If the symbol lands on reels 2, 3 and 4 at the same time then all three reels become locked expanding wilds for one re-spin. In the Hydra Bonus feature you shoot arrows at the nine heads of the hydra for bonuses. If you can slash the hydra the payouts will be multiplied. Hercules may get into a fit of rage and automatically smash all the nine heads of the hydra awarding the bonuses for all of them. The Hercules logo awards scatter payouts and triggers 10 free spins at tripled payouts.

Unlike Hercules, Fate Sisters is based on a relatively unknown legend from Greek mythology. The Fate Sisters were responsible for controlling the threads of life of humans. Clotho weaved the thread, Lachesis measured the length of the thread and Atropos severed the thread to end a life. The high paying symbols are the three Fate Sisters and the implement used by each. The wild symbol is a golden coin commemorating the sisters. In the bonus feature you can choose to worship at the temple of any one of the sisters. Atropos’ Temple grants you 15x free spins with the multiplier increasing each time Atropos appears on a reel other than the central one. If she is absent then the multiplier will decrease. Lachesis grants you 10 free spins with wilds that get frozen for three spins. Clotho’s Temple awards 8 free spins with random wilds added on every spin.

Both these slot games are networked to the same progressive jackpot as the other Age of the Gods titles. It has four independent tiers. One of is guaranteed to be hit every time the random jackpot game is triggered. The top tier of the jackpot is currently running at over $877,850.