New Live Dealer Casino Games At Omni Casino


The new live dealer casino has been launched at Omni Casino. It is powered by Playtech from its state of the art studio. The online casino newsletter outlines the thrill of playing live dealer games. The joy of seeing the roulette ball bouncing around the wheel, or the dealer pulling an ace on top of your jack or the craps dice rolling across the table is something words cannot describe. You can obviously play the live dealer games from your desktops and laptops. But the Omni Casino live casino platform can also be accessed on your smartphones and tablets. Apart from the popular games like blackjack, roulette, baccarat and Casino Hold’em, There are two live games that are not so well known. These are briefly reviewed here.

3-Card Brag is a live casino game that is available at only at Playtech powered sites like Omni Casino. It is played with a single standard deck. You have to place the ante bet for the main game. You have the option of placing the Pair Bonus bet. The live dealer deals three cards face up to the player and three cards face down to the house. Based on your hand, you can fold but will lose the ante bet. If you want to play on you will have to place an additional play bet equal to twice the ante bet. The live dealer reveals the house cards. The house needs one queen to qualify. If the house does not qualify the player is paid even money on the ante bet and the play bet pushes. If the house qualifies and has the higher ranked hand, you lose both bets. However, if your hand is higher ranked, then the ante bet is paid even money. The play bet is paid as per a payout table. The Pair Bonus bet is paid independently if you are dealt a pair or higher. The payout is as per a different payout table.

Hi-Lo 24/7 is a simple live casino game. You have to guess whether the next card drawn by the live dealer is higher, lower or the same as the current card. If your guess is wrong, you lose your bet. If you guess correctly, you win a payout that is based on the value of the displayed card. Hi-Lo 24/7 also has a side bet that pays on the rank of the dealt card irrespective of the outcome of the main game.