Mr Green Online Casino Lucky Draw Promo


Mr Green online casino is hosting a lucky draw promotion with a unique set of exotic prizes. The online promotion will run for four weeks starting from Monday, January 13 to Sunday, February 9. Mr Green online casino describes the promotion titled Dream A Little Green as bringing dreams to life. Each week will host a themed dream from Adventure to Luxury and Entertainment to Indulgence. Each week will award a selection of dream prizes. In addition, Mr Green online casino offers an Ultimate Grand Prize at the end of all 4 weeks – a choice between a trip around the world and a jet flight to the edge of space.

Mr Green casino offers both Internet and mobile wagering. You can participate in the Dream A Little Green promotion from either system. Every week you will have to first select your prize of the week from the three options offered. The theme of the first week is Adventure and the prizes offered are an exclusive African Safari and a dive to the Great Barrier Reef. The default prize is a sum of £5,000 which you can use to fund your own adventure. The African Safari will get you close with the wildlife of Kruger national park near Johannesburg for a 3 night stay in a private game reserve. Then you will be flown to Durban for 4 nights of 5-star luxury. For the dive to the Great Barrier Reef Mr Green online casino will fly you to Cairns in Queensland for 5 nights and a diving experience for two people. The finale will be 7 nights in Sydney that includes a climb up its famous Sydney Harbour bridge.

You will also have to select your Ultimate Grand Prize. The trip around the world is a three weeks adventure for two people covering four cities: New York, Los Angeles, Sydney and Bangkok. The package includes all flights, transfers, luxury hotel accommodation and spending money. The flight to space is a Mach 2 experience in a MIG 29 under the charge of a top certified test pilot. The prize includes flights to Russia, Moscow accommodation, flight experience and spending money.

After making your selection you enter your registered Mr. Green e-mail address. For every deposit of £50 in a promotion week, you will receive a Dream ticket. At the end of the week, the online casino will randomly draw the winner. For complete details of the promotion you can check out the Mr Green website. The online casino is licensed by the Lotteries and Gaming Authority of Malta.