Marvelous Tourney At Omni Online Casino


The Marvelous Slot Tournament is running full swing at Omni Casino. It has one of the most flexible online tournament formats in which you will ultimately be compared with players having bankrolls similar to yours. The tournament has special significance because it has been timed with the release of the latest Marvel superhero film The Avengers: Age of the Ultron. The slots tournament will run until April 30.

You do not have to pay any entry fee to participate in this Marvelous Slot Tournament. You simply log in to Omni Casino and start wagering on the online slot games. You have to be careful about two factors. Each wager has to be more than $0.75. The slot machine has to have between 15 and 40 paylines. Once these two conditions are met every spin will earn you 1 tournament point. Make sure that you earn as many tournament points as you can before the end of the tournament period. If you have a smaller budget then you can wager comparatively smaller amounts and if you have a big bankroll you can go for larger wagers. Your average bet size over the entire tournament will decide which leader board you will be slotted into. The leader board with the smaller prize pool is meant for the lower end bet sizes. The leader board with the largest prize pool is meant for the higher end bet sizes. And there is a leader board in between. Within your leader board you will be ranked according to the number of tournament points that you have earned. The designated top players in each leader board will share the prizes.

In this Omni Casino slots tournament you get to keep the amounts that you win while wagering. The hottest slot at the online casino at the moment is Beach Life. Fortunately this is a slot game with 20 paylines and therefore eligible for the online tournament. Beach Life is a progressive jackpot online slot game that is currently ticking away at over $4.5 million. So if you hit this jackpot while participating in the Marvelous Slot Tournament, you will win much more than the tournament prize. Only once in the last six years has this progressive jackpot paid a larger amount. If you are a fan of the Marvel super heroes you will find plenty of Playtech branded slot games to your liking. Make sure that the chosen slot fits the requirements for this tournament before wagering.