Lucky Draw Promos At Royal Vegas Online Casino


Royal Vegas is a leading online casino for several reasons. One of them is that it continuously educates its players on different aspects of online casino wagering. This is done through its blog page on which the articles appear. If you are a player at Royal Vegas online casino you should make it a point to regularly read the blogs.

The latest draw is about lucky draw promotions. Royal Vegas online casino hosts promotions every month. Some of them are lucky draw promotions. “A lucky draw is basically akin to a lottery,” defines the blog. It gives a wider range of players a chance of winning prizes. In a promotion in which prizes are awarded for making the largest deposits, the low rollers will have almost no chance. Lucky draw winners are chosen randomly, so all qualified entries have equal chance of winning.

Players are entered into the lucky draw online promotions by performing a specific action. The most common type of actions are making a deposit and wagering at Royal Vegas online casino. Sometimes you can wager on any game and at other times the game is specified. Sometimes claiming a bonus may make you eligible for a lucky draw.

All players who perform the given task are automatically entered in the lucky draw. The lucky draw takes place at the end of the promotion period. One player or a number of players randomly selected and win the prizes. Different types of prizes are awarded in the lucky draw promotions held at Royal Vegas online casino. These include bonuses, free spins, free credits and merchandise such as electronic goods. In cases where there are multiple winners, sometimes all winners get identical prizes. But often the prizes are graded. The first drawn name gets the most valuable prize and the other winners get prizes of progressively smaller value.

There is another way of classifying lucky draws. Sometimes each player is entitled to only one entry. If the requirement is making a deposit of $10, then you get only one entry whether you deposit $10 or $100. Sometimes a player can win multiple entries. For example he may win one entry for every $10 deposited. Depositing $100 in this case would award 10 entries. The more entries you have, the greater is your chance of winning a prize. However, there are no guarantees of winning, so you must not overextend your bankroll. Also remember that even one entry can fetch the top prize so do participate.