Egypt Promo At all Slots Online Casino


Round 3 of the Pharaoh’s Treasure promotion will commence at All Slots online casino from June 10. It will run till June 13. Depending on how many games you have played during Round 2, you will be able to unlock up to three treasure chests during this round. In case you have been absent from All Slots online casino during the earlier period, there is no cause for worry. Play as many games as you can during Round 3 and you will be eligible for the prizes during Round 4. The Pharaoh’s Treasure online promotion is a long one. It consists of eight rounds and will end on June 30.

If you play from 2 to 5 games in the previous period, you will unlock 1 treasure chest. For playing 6 to 10 games, you will unlock 2 treasure chests. And for playing 11 or more games, you will unlock 3 treasure chests. In each case you have to make a minimum of 10 bets per game. If you do not meet the number of games criterion or the number of bets criterion, you will not be able to unlock any treasure chest. In order to claim the prizes, you must go to the Pharaoh’s Treasure promotion page on the All Slots online casino web site, click “Unlock My Treasure” and select the treasure chests that are available to you.

The Pharaoh’s treasures chests may reveal the following prizes. You can win free spins on Avalon, Terminator II and Golden Princess. You can play the free spins on any one game or on any combination of these games. You can also play any casino platform at All Slots – download, instant play or mobile, provided the featured game is available on that platform. The other prizes include a flat bonus of from 2 to 100 credits and double loyalty points on the featured games of that round. Payouts won while playing free spins will be credited to your bonus balance and be subject to wagering requirements.

All Slots online casino is powered by software from Microgaming. You can establish your eligibility for unlocking the treasure chests on over 600 online casino games. If you are fond of new games, then you can wager on four exciting slot machines that have just gone live last week. Or you can go with the theme and play slot machines based on ancient Egypt. Isis and Treasure Nile are the most popular of these.