The Different Online Casino Software Options


There is no getting around the fact that software is the "engine," so to speak, that really makes the online casino run. You can sign up through it, deposit through it, withdraw through it, ask for customer service through it, and keep track of your account through it. Most importantly, you will utilize the software to play the games. For the most part, and where the most games are concerned, software is downloaded; there are no-download versions of casinos, but they carry a reduced menu of games. As you can imagine, the companies that design the software are greatly responsible for shaping the look and feel of an online casino, and the product they provide is a critical factor in whether players stick around or not.

There are some great online casino software companies out there, and they all have something unique and special to offer. Another thing they all have in common is that they are very committed to innovation, because the competition happens to be very fierce.

The most prominent of these companies is probably Microgaming, which has been around almost as long as online casinos have been around, and in fact operated one of the first online casino sites. They are the kings of volume, producing more different games than anyone else, and they are generally considered to have the most advanced options that are available to players, regardless of the game type. With over 400 slot games among its 600+ game menu, they take good care of the most fervent online casino customers. Playtech is also a strong contender, with its dazzling 3D graphics and a wealth of experience that has helped the company spread its wings into just about every area of gaming. Playtech also prominently features its "Marvel Slots" collection, with themes based on superhero characters out of the movies and popular culture.

Another company that has a great slot game collection is Realtime Gaming, otherwise known as RTG, which is renowned for its "Real Slots" and is also distinct in the online casino software market in that its package facilitates play on the part of United States customers, so casinos that wish to "face" the U.S. turn to RTG to meet their needs. Net Entertainment is a veteran outfit that is as aggressive as a young upstart. Their software allows customers to play several games at once, and have produced some of the most visually-rich games available in the world. And for a unique experience, it is tough to beat Rival Gaming's "iSlot," which is not just a slot game, but an interactive story that you take part in while playing slots.

There are more companies competing to produce the next innovation, and online casino gamblers are fortunate because of it!