Real Money vs. Free Play Online Casinos


Most of the casinos you look at will offer the chance to play their games without having to sign up for a real money account. You will have to register, but there is no need to make a deposit. If you are relatively new to online gambling, this is tremendous opportunity for you and shouldn't be passed up.

Since the title of this is "Real Money vs. Play Money," perhaps it is appropriate to cover what goes into a real money account. What you'll do is give the casino your personal identification information (in other words, let them know who you are), then find the payment option you want to use, whether it is a credit card, bank account (through a wire), eCheck or electronic wallet and make your deposit with the casino cashier. Then you'll get your bonus and start to embark on fulfilling the requirements needed to redeem that bonus. You have now established a real money account.

Well, when you intend to play the free money games first, what you'll do after registering with your information is forego the deposit - at least for the time being - and download the software. There will be a dialog box that offers you the chance to play for real or for free, and you would choose "Free." Then you would just proceed to play the games through the casino software as if you had a real money account. There may be some options reserved for cash players that you won't be able to exercise, but for the most part, you are off and running.

Free play is something that we would consider to be very essential for the beginner. It may be a very important part of learning how to play a game, or at least the online version of it. We would urge anyone who hasn't played something at all to do the free play version first, and casinos like that idea too, because it is going to make you a better real money player later. Some games are exotic and new, and players may want to experiment with them, learning the rules and shaping a strategy. In cases like this, free play works very well.

Of course, you don't sign up with a casino in order to play free games. And the casino knows it too. You will be asked on a somewhat regular basis, through the software, whether you want to play for cash, and somewhere along the way, you should do it, so you can apply some of the lessons you've learned and make some money at the same time.