Online Casino Bonuses and How They Work


When you are looking for a casino to deposit your money, you are going to be greeted by a lot of different offers. It is an extremely competitive industry, and casinos know that they are, in all likelihood, going to have only one chance to get your attention, and they need to make the most of it. They need to be able to put their best foot forward when it comes to getting you involved with what they have to offer.

They do this through certain inducements called "bonuses." So what are bonuses? Well, they are a reward for signing up with an online casino website, and they take a number of different forms. What we mean by that is that it can be a straight match bonus, or a series of match bonus that are made with a number of different deposits. In other words, you might get paid a bonus on each of your first six deposits, and in that case that would make for a very big bonus. Of course, that corresponds with a number of instances where you are putting money into your account. It is not uncommon to receive a 100% match bonus on most of the deposits you make if you are a new player.

So what happens after you get your bonus? Well, that's the thing - you can't really USE the bonus once you get it. You have to qualify to redeem the bonus, and the only way you are able to do that is through the process of playing in the casino. You have to fulfill a "wagering requirement" that involves putting an amount of money into action that is equal to a certain multiple of the deposit PLUS the bonus. We'll illustrate this. Let's say that you have signed up with $100 and received a 100% match bonus, which, of course, is also $100, and you have a wagering requirement of 30x, which means that you have to put 30 times the deposit plus bonus ($200) into action. That's $6000. That doesn't mean that you have to have $6000 in bankroll; it means that the amount of your bets has to equal or exceed that much.

When you have succeeded in doing that, you are able to take the bonus money and add it to your real money account. So when you are a steady customer at a casino, and can keep your head above water, you are going to take advantage of such extra value during your play.