How to Make Deposits at Online Casinos


In order to play for real money at an online casino and hopefully make some profit, there is a step you have to take first, and that step involves making a deposit. Many people are somewhat intimidated by all this, and they take an awkward attitude when it comes to giving money to "strangers." That is somewhat understandable, but you need to know that the process of depositing your money as a way of opening an account in a casino has become a rather trouble-free procedure in which your investment is secure.

So how do you do it?

Look on the casino website for the pages on which these transactions are taking place. This might say "Cashier" or "Deposits" or might follow a link that reads "Open an Account" or something like that. You'll get to a page that takes you step-by-step through the process. Basically the first thing you are going to do is register, which lets the casino know who you are and allows you to play the casino games for free if you so choose. But the real fun is in the real money play, so this requires money on your part.

The casino will let you know which of the deposit options are available. Almost universally, you can deposit in an account through several different methods. Credit cards are something that, at least outside the United States, are commonplace. Visa and MasterCard are fixtures, and the transaction happens in lightning-quick fashion. You can also utilize a bank transfer, in which money is taken out of your bank account and simply transferred to the casino, where it will go into your casino playing account. Services like Western Union can also be used to send money to the casino. Writing an eCheck may sound bizarre to some, but it's really very simple; no different than writing a check from your bank account, except it is in electronic form. And the deposit gets made very quickly.

Most of these methods involve giving your financial information over to the casino. You may be one of the people who don't like doing that at all. You can use an option called an "electronic wallet," which is actually an electronic payment service, where you can open an account with the "e-wallet" using your bank account or credit card, and deal with the casino through the e-wallet account. In effect, it acts as a conduit of sorts between you and the casino, and you have not revealed your financial information to them. Not only do online casinos approve of the use of e-wallets, they often have special deposit bonuses they give you if you open an account using them.