Who Should Not Play Online Slots


Online slots are the most popular games at online casinos. There are many articles available on why players should go for slot machines. But online casino players with certain specific characteristics or requirements will not find slots games suitable. This article goes against the trend and explains who should not play online slots.

One way of classifying online casino games is games that are based on pure luck and games that are based on both skill and luck. So you have to be beholden to lady luck when you log in to an online casino. If you are the kind of player who has to have some control over your destiny, you may not be very comfortable playing slot machines. Slots games are games of pure luck. You place the bet, spin the reels and the game does everything else. In many contemporary slots you make choices in the bonus features, but this control is illusionary. The outcomes are as random as if the game had made the choices for you. If you are a thinking player you will enjoy online casino games like blackjack and video poker more. Luck is involved because the dealing of cards is a random process over which you have no control. But the skill with which you exercise your options will determine your average return.

Even if you have no problem in submitting totally to luck, online slots may not be the best option. The best choice would depend on the risk you are willing to take. Online casino games that offer higher average payouts will usually offer lower average returns. Online slots offer a wide range of payouts, running to few hundred times the bet. They offer an average return to about 95%. European Roulette, again based totally on luck, offers the highest payout of 35 to 1 with an average return of just over 97%. Baccarat offers even money payouts with an average return of 99%. If you are a conservative player and your objective is to try and conserve your bankroll as much as possible, then you will prefer the higher average return despite lower payouts. As a conservative player you will be better off with baccarat or European Roulette.

To most slots players, the games offer much more than a chance to wager. They find the themes interesting, particularly in the branded slot games. If you are a big fan of Marvel super heroes you will love slot games like Captain America, Iron Mam and The Hulk. The latest video slots are an audio visual treat, almost akin to entertainment. If you do not like these aspects, there is less incentive for you to play slot machines.