When To Play For Free At Online Casinos


Online casinos exist to provide real money gambling, but also allow you to play for free. Naturally you cannot take your winnings home when you are playing for free. There are times when it is prudent to play slots games or other games for free. This article discusses some of them.

If you like to play online casino games but live in a jurisdiction where online gambling is illegal, then it is safer to play for free. You are unlikely to be prosecuted in most such jurisdictions, but transfer of payments from the online casino to your bank account could be stopped and you might end up losing your deposit. If you are only travelling to a jurisdiction where online gambling is illegal and your bank accounts are elsewhere, you are on stronger ground. Your funds will be safe, but you may still be breaking the law. When in doubt about the legality it is better to play for free while traveling.

Sometimes you use up your bankroll earlier than intended or have to meet some emergency payments. You are strapped for cash till your next paycheck arrives. In such circumstances do not borrow money for gambling online. Switch your account to play for fun and play with free money for some time. Even if you are not out of funds, it is prudent to switch to play for fun from time to time, just to ensure that you do not have a problem gambling issue.

You have heard a lot about online gambling but have never tried it before. When you sign up at an online casino for the first time, do not open a real money account straight away. Most online casinos allow players to open a play for fun account. Some even allow players access to their instant play games without having to sign up. Stick to the play for fun mode till you are comfortable. Let it take a month or more. Use the time to explore the navigation, read the games rules and the online casino terms and conditions.

Similarly when a new game is released do not jump into it with real money. This is especially true for online slots, because slot machines keep a fair bit hidden from the player. Reading and understanding the payout table is not enough. You need to play the slot game for an extended period before you can assess its volatility and judge whether that new slot game meets your risk profile.