Understanding Microgaming Paytable Achievements Feature

  • Published: September 14, 2018
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Now, almost all new video slots from Microgaming come with the Paytable Achievements feature. This feature does not award payouts but it does make the game play more interesting. Paytable Achievements feature was first introduced in the iconic video slot Thunderstruck II. In order to access the detailed rules of this feature you should click the “?” icon in the slot window.

The Paytable Achievements feature works in the following way. Most symbols in online video slots pay for combinations of three, four or five. Therefore usually there will be three winning combinations associated with each symbol. When you hit a winning combination with three symbols, the corresponding entry will get highlighted on the payout table. If you hit a fur-of-a-kind combination with another symbol then that entry will be highlighted on the payout table. When all the combinations of a particular symbol get highlighted, you are informed of the achievement.

The Paytable Achievements feature is very user friendly. Most slots players do not play with the same bet amount constantly. After a big hit there is a tendency to increase the bet amount. When you change the bet amount the achievements are not reset. Hence it does not matter with what bet you hit a particular achievement. It is impossible to highlight every combination on the payout table in one session. So, when you exit the video slot, the highlighted achievements are not erased. When you load the game next time you will find the earlier achieved wins highlighted on the payout table.

You must keep in mind that the following instances of wins do not affect the Paytable Achievements. Wins made with wild symbols will pay out, but will not add to the Paytable Achievements. Also winning combinations hit in the free spins features will not be highlighted. There is no logic to these restrictions, except perhaps to make the feature more challenging. The ultimate objective is to entice the player to keep playing a slot game till they unlock the achievements for all the symbols. In the beginning the achievements will occur more frequently as the three-of-a-kind combinations are quickly consumed. But the five-of-a-kind achievements can take a long time.

As mentioned earlier, there is no monetary benefit for unlocking the achievement for any or all symbols. It is merely personal satisfaction or bragging rights. You can play the Microgaming slots completely ignoring the Paytable Achievements feature, if you so desire.