Understanding In Running Live Dealer Baccarat


If you are into sports betting, you should try an online casino game called In Running Baccarat. You will find it at some of the live dealer casinos at Playtech powered sites. After every card dealt, revised odds and handicaps are posted and you can bet on these, just as you do in in-play sports.

At the start of In Running Baccarat you can wager on Banker, Player or Tie Bet. The action begins after the first card is dealt to the Player hand. Depending on the card dealt, odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins are displayed. You can choose to place an additional bet at the revised terms. Then the first card is dealt to the Banker hand. Fresh odds and handicap values for the Player and Banker wins are displayed based on the revised probabilities of wins. You have the option of placing a bet again. This process continues till the baccarat game ends with all cards being dealt. Bets will be settled at the terms prevalent at the time they were placed.

The actual mechanism is quite complex and has been simplified for easy understanding. The weaker position is given a positive handicap and the stronger position is given a negative handicap. The objective of the handicap is to equalize both positions, as in sports betting. If the Player position is weaker at a particular stage of the game, then the Player may be given a handicap of +1. In order to settle a bet placed at this stage, the final hand value of the player will be enhanced by 1 before being compared with the final hand value of the dealer. The basic payout is even money for the Player and Banker bets. But odds are declared along with the handicaps and the payout is multiplied by the odds.

The process of settlement is best illustrated with an example. Suppose at a particular stage the player is given a handicap of -0.5 and odds of 0.94. And suppose that the Player's final hand value is 6 and the Banker’s final hand value is 5. Then the Player’s hand value is adjusted by the handicap and becomes 5.5. Since this is greater than the Banker’s hand value, the player wins. Suppose you had placed a bet of $5 on the Player. Your win amount at even money would be $5. But this will be multiplied by the odds of 0.94 and you will win $4.7.