Treasure Tree Realtime Gaming Online Scratch Card


Scratch cards are very simple games at online casinos. Usually each card consists of a number of cells that hide icons. You scratch the cells to reveal the icons and if you get the required number of matching symbols then you receive a payout. Sometimes scratch cards have themes, but these are usually restricted to the background and the icons. Just over a year ago, the popular online casino software provider Realtime Gaming released a scratch card titled Treasure Tree. The visual structure of the scratch card has been given a complete makeover in order to make the game play more interesting.

The Treasure Tree is displayed on the centre of the screen. 20 money bags hang from its branches like fruits. The bags are coloured blue, orange or red and are the equivalent of cells in the normal scratch cards. You click on the money bags to reveal a prize value. If you are able to expose three identical prize values from bags of the same colour you win that prize. In a single scratch card game it is possible to get matching values in each of the three coloured bags and win up to three prizes. The prizes are either multipliers of the bet amount or a number of free games. You automatically play the free games immediately and the prizes won will be multiplied three times.

The bet amount per game ranges from $0.25 to $25. In order to speed up the game play you can select to play up to 500 games in sequence without manual intervention. But all the games will be played at the same bet amount. Treasure Tree offers a fair degree of flexibility in the game play. You can manually click each money bag to open it choosing the sequence according to your gut feeling. Or you can click the Reveal All button and let the software open the bags. The chosen option will have no bearing on the outcome of the game. But the automatic option is much faster and produces a better audio visual effect. The Treasure Tree also allows you to mix both the options. You can pop open a few bags manually and then click the Reveal All button. Treasure Tree online scratch is live at all Realtime Gaming online casinos. The brands of the Club World group like Aladdin’s Gold, Lucky Red and High Noon are among the best. They all accept players from the United States.