The Makeover Of Captain’s Treasure Online Slot


Online slots technology has improved by leaps and bounds in the last decade, both in terms of audio visual appeal and gaming features. The impact of this can be best assessed when you compare an older slot game with its new makeover version. There are enough examples of this. Slots developers do this regularly to keep alive the brand equity of older slots. This article illustrates the phenomenon using Captain’s Treasure and Captain’s Treasure Pro from Playtech.

Both are obviously pirate themed slot games, but the only common thematic symbols are the pirate captain and the treasure chest. Captain’s Treasure uses the ship’s wheel, anchor, map and cutlasses as the pirate themed symbols, whereas Captain’s Treasure Pro uses parrot, cannon and ship. It is not the different symbols that matter, but the manner of crafting the symbols. The older slot game uses flat 2D graphics. By the time Captain's Treasure Pro was released some degree of 3D symbols were being used. Captain’s Treasure Pro uses symbols that are almost photographic. Even the high value card symbols in the newer slot game are sleeker and more modern in appearance.

Win animations were minimal in the older slot games, but became an instrument of attraction in the newer ones. This is apparent in the two slot machines being discussed. In Captain's Treasure you only have the pirate captain giving the thumbs up sign. The audio track is also retro, very much like that of the old land based mechanical slots. Captain's Treasure Pro has animations that can match video slots being released now. Some of these stand out. The deck cannon recoils after firing, the captain steers the ship from the wheel and the ship itself rocks and rolls on the ocean. The audio track has sounds of the sea and the ship's wheel creaking superimposed which adds to the realism.

There is improvement in the gaming features as well. Captain's Treasure Pro is a 20 payline slot, which today is not that hot, but it is much better than the 9 paylines in the older version. Captain's Treasure has no bonus features at all. Its saving grace is the Dollar Ball progressive jackpot. But this requires an additional wager and is not integral to the slot game. Captain's Treasure Pro offers a free spins bonus round with a mystery scatter symbol. In the free spins one of the regular symbols is randomly chosen to behave as the scatter symbol, which means that it can appear anywhere on the reels in order to award its payouts. The new slot game also includes the Playtech gamble game.