The Five Best Video Slots Themes


Online video slots are structurally different from the classic three reels slot machines. But they are also visually different because they embody a theme. Over the years some themes have become so popular that new slots keep on coming. This article looks at the five most popular themes in online casino video slots.

The mystique of ancient Egypt has a compelling attraction. There are the deities with animal heads like Isis and Anubis, display of obscene wealth and hieroglyphic artwork. The exploration of pyramids is a fitting event for second screen bonus games as in Daring Dave from Playtech. Cleopatra forms a subtext of the ancient Egypt theme with several online slots to her name. A Night with Cleo from Proprietary Gaming brings out the full impact of her sensuality.

The call of the ocean is irresistible. Add carousing, sabre rattling and hidden treasure to that and you will get the ingredients of pirate themed online slots. With sophistication in graphics and animation you have visually exciting titles like Pirate Isle from Realtime Gaming. There are variations to the pirate theme. Wild Jane from Leander Games has an all women pirate crew and Booty Time from Microgaming has parrots as the marauders.

The Orient theme is also extremely popular. Beautiful gardens and exquisite couture form picture perfect backdrops. There is a rich culture to draw from. Playtech has online slots based on both brave samurai and pretty geishas. Oriental cuisine also features in online video slots. You have So Much Sushi and Win Sum Dim Sum from Microgaming. The Chinese New Year is a much celebrated festival and Realtime Gaming has some great video slots on this theme.

Football is the most watched sport and it rules at online casinos as well. The FIFA World Cup every four years brings with it a host of new football themed online slots. The Top Trumps football slots from Playtech feature the likenesses of legendary footballers on the reels. Microgaming Soccer Safari has animals instead of humans and was released for the World Cup in South Africa.

Dragons themed online slots are divided down the middle. There are the Chinese cultural dragons as in Dragon Dance. But more popular are the fierce fire breathing imaginary creatures of the medieval ages. Dragons from Realtime Gaming brings out the full fury of the majestic creatures. There are variations to this theme as well. Dragon’s Myth from Rabcat has a young lass as the dragon slayer and Dragonz from Microgaming has the dragons as cuddly animated creatures.