Simplified Blackjack Strategy For New Players

  • Published: September 27, 2018
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If you are new to online blackjack and interested in pursuing this online casino game, there are a few things that you should know. In order to do well in online blackjack you must base each of your decisions on what is referred to as optimum strategy. At any given point in the game, this strategy tells you whether you should hit or stand or make any of the other moves like double and split, should those moves be available. If you choose the wrong moves then you will lose money in online blackjack on a consistent basis.

The problem with optimum blackjack strategy is that you have to memorise the outcomes for about 250 situations. Experienced blackjack players do not find this difficult, but it is a monumental task for newbie players. This article presents a simplified online blackjack strategy. The best thing about this simplified strategy is that you lose only 0.15% in the average return that you can get with the optimum strategy. The simplified blackjack strategy is derived from the optimum blackjack strategy by grouping the actions into larger blocks. This reduces the number of options to be memorised to about 25. The simplified blackjack strategy for Vegas Strip Blackjack is explained below. This is the most popular online blackjack game. The simplified strategy for other online blackjack variants is similar.

The optimum blackjack strategy lists different outcomes for each dealer face up card. The simplified strategy has only two groups for the dealer face up card. The first group deals with the dealer face up card from 2 to 6 and the second group for all others. These groups are cross linked with different groupings of the player’s current hand value.

For hard totals of 4 to 8, you always hit. For a hard total of 9, you double if allowed for the first group and hit for the second one. For hard totals of 10 or 11, double if you have more points than the dealer. Treat the dealer ace as 11 points. For hard totals of 12 to 16 stand for the first group and hit for the second one. For hard totals of 17 to 21 always stand.

For soft totals of 13 to 15 always hit. For soft totals of 16 to 18, you double if allowed for the first group and hit for the second one. For soft totals of 19 to 21 you always stand. You always split pairs of eights and aces. Never split pairs of fours, fives or tens. Other pairs should be split for the first column only.