Raise The Stakes With Online Double Attack Blackjack


Double Attack Blackjack is an innovative online blackjack variant that offers a move similar to the usual double down. Instead of increasing your stake after seeing your dealt cards, you can increase your stake after seeing the dealer’s face up card. This bet is known as the Double Attack bet. This article explains the game play and recommends that you give this online blackjack variant a try.

Double Attack Blackjack is usually played with eight Spanish decks. These are decks with the tens removed and therefore have only 48 cards. You first place the ante wager. Instead of dealing your two cards, the dealer’s face up card is dealt first. You now have to decide whether or not to stake the Double Attack bet. This bet can be of any amount up to the ante bet. After you take the call, your initial two cards are dealt face up and the dealer’s second card is dealt face down. Thereafter the game proceeds in the normal manner with the dealer checking for blackjack, if required.

Some of the important rules of Double Attack Blackjack are explained below. If you split hands you have to place an additional wager equal to the ante and the Double Attack bets. However, for the double down move you have the choice of doubling only the ante bet or both the ante and the Double Attack bet. The Insurance option is offered in this online blackjack variant with a payout of 5 to 2. The Surrender option can be exercised even after having hit several times. The Double Attack bet gives the player considerable advantage. This is compensated for by restricting the blackjack payout to 1 to 1. Therefore it is essential that you play the blackjack game using the usual optimum strategy. In addition, the strategy for the Double Attack bet is to raise to the maximum for all dealer cards, except ace, nine and ten. In those events you forgo the Double Attack bet.

Double Attack Blackjack also offers a Bust It side bet, which is optional. Like most side bets in online blackjack variants is has an absurd house edge and must not be wagered. However, for the sake of completion the bet is being briefly explained. The Bust It bet must be placed with the ante bet. It wins if the dealer busts with exactly three cards. It pays out according to a payout table. Double Attack Blackjack is offered at Playtech online casinos like Omni Casino and Mansion Casino.