Online Blackjack Variants With Side Bets


The basic blackjack game at online casinos is played without any side bet. The regular blackjack players prefer it this way. But there are many players who look for greater variation in the blackjack games and also for some high payouts. Therefore online casino software providers have introduced blackjack variants with side bets that cater to both these needs. Some of the more popular online blackjack games with side bets are reviewed in this article. The exact rules may differ from software provider to software provider.

In Over/Under 13 you have three side bets that are decided on the total value of the first two cards dealt to the player, with aces counting as 1 for the purposes of the side bets. You can bet on the total being over 13, under 13 or exactly 13. The first two side bets pay even money, whereas the exactly 13 side bet usually pays 10 to 1. With 8 decks the over 13 side bet has a house edge of 6.5%, which itself is on the higher side. The house edges for the other two bets are even more.

Perfect Pairs is a more popular online blackjack variant offered by a few online casino software providers. There is a single side bet that pays if the player’s first two cards are a pair. The payout table defines different types of pairs, with higher payouts for the combination with the lower probability. The highest payout of 25 to 1 is for a perfect pair, which consists of two cards of the same rank and suit, like two jacks of diamonds. Perfect Pairs is usually played with 8 decks. A colored pair pays 12 to 1. Any other pair pays 6 to 1. The house edge with 8 decks is 4%. A more volatile online version of this blackjack game pays more for a perfect pair and less for the other two pairs.

A recent release at online casinos is Suit ‘Em Up. It is similar to Perfect Pairs in that the side bet is paid on the first two cards dealt to the player. But the pay table specifies different ways in which you can get cards of the same suit. The highest payout of 60 to 1 is for suited aces. This is quite attractive. A suited blackjack pays 10 to 1, a suited pair pays 5 to 1, a suited 11 pays 3 to 1 and any other suited cards pay 2 to 1. The house edge with 8 decks is 2.7%.