NetEnt Oasis Poker Online Casino Game


NetEnt is an online casino games supplier more known for its collection of video slots. But it also offers some unique and outstanding titles in other games categories as well. One of these is Oasis Poker. It is an online casino poker game that is listed under Table Games at NetEnt powered online casinos. Oasis Poker is one of the most challenging casino poker games, which requires considerable skill. You are allowed to replace cards from your dealt hand but at an additional cost. So you have to achieve the delicate balance between cost and potential benefit.

The game starts with the ante wager. You will then be dealt five cards face up. In the dealer’s hand only the first card is dealt face up. The remaining four cards are dealt face down. You are then given an option to replace any number of cards from your dealt hand. There are different costs associated with each number. After you have exercised this option, there is another choice to be made. You have to decide whether to fold or call. If you fold, then you lose the ante bet and the game. If you call, then you place a bet equal to twice the ante. The dealer’s full hand is then exposed.

Simultaneously the bet is decided as follows. The dealer must have an ace/king or higher to qualify. If the dealer does not qualify then the ante bet pays even money and the call bet pushes. If the dealer qualifies then the hands are compared according to the usual poker hand rankings. If the dealer’s hand is ranked higher then you lose both the ante and call bets. If the dealer has the lower ranking hand then the ante bet will pay even money and the call bet will pay according to the Call Pay Table. If both hands have the same poker hand ranking then both the ante and call bets push.

One of the factors in making the strategic choices is the visible cards. The other factor is the costs associated with the replacements. There is no cost for not replacing any cards. The cost of replacing one card is equal to the ante bet. The cost of replacing two cards or four cards is twice the ante bet. The cost of replacing three cards is three times the ante bet. The cost of replacing five cards is the ante bet but then placing the call bet becomes mandatory. The amounts paid in replacing the cards are sunk costs and not bets.