Live Dealer Casinos Offer More Excitement


The hustle bustle of land casinos, in particular the activity of dealers conducting the games, is missing at online casinos. While the integrity of online casino software is well established, some players do miss the real action of the roulette wheel and the dealing of cards at the blackjack tables. Live dealer casinos correct for these drawbacks without sacrificing the other advantages of online casinos. You can wager at the live dealer casinos over the Internet from the comfort of your homes.

The gaming at live dealer casinos is not simulated using a random number generator, but takes place in a casino studio. The casinos studio has real tables with human dealers conducting the games as in land casinos. The action is video streamed via the Internet to your computers. You log in to your online casino are as usual and select the live dealer section from the games menu. You then choose your game and the table and are ready to play. You place your bets from your computer and will see them placed on the table. The rest of the action is as if you were actually playing in a real casino.

Most live dealer casinos offer four games, which are roulette, blackjack, baccarat and casino Hold ‘em. Within each game there are many tables. Some are classified according to the minimum table limits so as to allow high rollers to play separately just as in land casinos. Tables are also classified according to the speed of the game play. Expert players can go to the faster tables and get in more gaming in a given time. If you are new to live dealer casinos you can choose a table that gives you more time to place your bets and make your moves. In the best live dealer casinos you can play at more than one table at a time. While the roulette wheel is spinning on one table you can place your roulette bets on another, or maybe get in one deal of blackjack. You cannot play at live dealer games in the demo mode.

Another big advantage of live dealer casinos is that you can chat with the dealer and other players. Many live dealer casinos release the schedule of their dealers so that you know in advance when your favourite dealers will come online. You can then plan your gaming schedule accordingly. Some live dealer casinos also put up a brief biodatas about the dealers to help you make a choice.