Getting Acquainted With Land Casino Craps


If you are an online craps player, you may want to bet on the game when you next visit a land casino. The bets and the payouts will be the same. But the atmosphere around the craps table can be intimidating. So it is best that you prepare yourself for it.

In land casinos, the craps table is divided into three sections. The two end sections are identical and contain areas for pass, come, place and field bets. The smaller middle area contains the other bets. In the online craps layout only one of the end sections and the middle area are displayed on the screen. This is because online casino craps is a single player game and the second outer section is redundant.

Online craps is conducted by the software. In land casinos you will find a number of persons carrying out different operations. The stickman stands at the centre of the table and handles dice using a flexible hooked stick. After every roll the stickman announces the number thrown and returns the dice to the shooter. The boxman sits directly across the stickman and supervises the game. He is in charge of the bankroll and makes sure that the payouts are correctly awarded. The boxman also adjudicates any disputes that may arise. Two dealers stand on either side of the boxman. They take the chips from the boxman to pay the winning bets and return the chips from the losing bets. Certain special bets like place bets and free odds bets have to be placed through the dealers. The dealers also handle the pucks to indicate the points. Land casinos have a number of craps tables. The pit boss is in overall charge of the tables. He operates through a number of floormen. There personnel will interact with players only in extreme circumstances.

In online craps the dice are rolled automatically when the appropriate button is clicked. The better online craps games build in animations of the shooter rolling the dice. The process is different in land casinos. Players take turns at becoming the shooter and roll the dice. The shooter has no advantage in the betting. This only inculcates a sense of participation and interactivity. Shooting the craps dice requires some skill. The dice have to bounce off the far wall of the table in order to ensure randomness. Otherwise the roll is held invalid and you would probably lose your turn as shooter.