Evolution Of Age Of The Gods Roulette


Playtech offers a game called Age of the Gods Roulette in its portfolio, which is a regular online roulette variant with a special bet and progressive jackpot. It was first launched as Marvel Roulette. When Playtech replaced the Marvel series this game became Age of the Gods Roulette. The Marvel superheroes gave way to the ancient Greek heroes. Recently Playtech introduced this game at its live casino. Age of the Gods Roulette can be played at all Playtech online casinos like Mansion Casino and Omni Casino.

The defining feature of Age of the Gods Roulette is the Bonus Bet that is located in the same spot as 00 is in American Roulette layout and wheel. You win this bonus when you place chips on this bet and the roulette ball comes to rest on the Bonus Bet position. However, you are not awarded the fixed 35 to1 payout for a single number bet. You play a special slot game and may win more or less depending on your luck. You get three free spins on a three reels slot machine. You need to land three same Greek heroes on the payline in order to win from 5x to 100x the Bonus Bet amount.

The progressive jackpot is networked to the Age of the Gods progressive jackpot from the slots series. As in the online slots, a bonus game on the second screen may be triggered randomly after any spin of the roulette wheel. But the probability of triggering the jackpot game will be higher for larger bets. Once this game is activated you are assured of winning one of the four progressive jackpots. The Ultimate Power Jackpot is the biggest. It resets at €100,000 so a 6-digits payout is guaranteed.

The jackpot game works as follows. The screen displays 20 face-down coins, each of which hides the logo of one of the jackpot tiers. You click coins one by one to turn them over and reveal the logos. When you have the required matching number for one of the jackpot tiers you will win the amount in the ticker of that progressive jackpot.

Age of the Gods Roulette is also available at the Playtech live casino and is linked to the same progressive jackpot network. There is a special roulette table in the studio where the game is conducted as in other live roulette tables. The Bonus Bet slot machine and the jackpot game are also played on a giant screen in the studio. This has added liquidity to the progressive jackpot network.