Enjoy Branded Online Slots


Over the last few years a new category of online slots is dominating the Internet casino space. This category is known as branded slots. The games are based on popular brands like blockbuster films, long running television shows and well known games. Actual content from these brands is incorporated into the slots games through a license agreement between the brand owner and the online casino software developer. Branded slots do not offer higher average returns per player, but provide a much more enjoyable playing experience.

If you are familiar with a brand and have an affinity for it then you would love to experience the enjoyment all over again. For those who are fans of the recent Warner Brothers Batman movies, the ideal branded slots are The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises from Microgaming. They feature the characters from the movies, not as caricatures but as real likenesses. References to events and other aspects of the movies are also included. Branded slots are rich in audio-visual content. They bring in scenes from the movies or television shows through a number of mechanisms. It begins with an introductory clip that plays as the game loads. The Dark Knight and some other Microgaming branded slots offer a unique feature named Cinematic Spins. When the spin is activated, the reels disappear from the screen for a while and some of the best scenes from the movie unfold on the screen. The win animations are another area where original content is included in the slot game. Usually it is a dialogue delivered by the character that creates the winning combination.

The bonus feature is another area that has been innovatively used in branded slots. Cryptologic offers a branded slot game called Braveheart based on the Paramount blockbuster. The bonus game simulates a battle between Braveheart and Longshanks in which the war scenes from the movie are played. The software provider Playtech has created a branded slot game Kong: 8th Wonder of the World. The game opens to the jungle setting where King Kong was discovered. After the bonus game the scene changes to the city where King Kong was brought for display.

The first branded slot was Tomb Raider, released by Microgaming. It featured the adventuress Lara Croft from the video games. Then Cryptologic popularized branded slots through its Marvel Comics super hero series. Playtech based its branded slots on Marvel Movies super heroes and then picked up TV series like Baywatch and The Sopranos. Due to release soon are Jurassic Park and Terminator II from Microgaming.