Deconstructing Hall of Gods Online Slot


Online slots games based on Norse mythology are very popular and new titles are being released often. One of the reasons is that Marvel superhero narratives are loosely based on Norse mythology, especially those related to Thor. You can play the slot games even if you are unaware of the intricacies of the mythology, but your enjoyment will be greater if you understand the symbols.

Hall of Gods is one of the earliest Norse mythology themed video slots and it is perfect for understanding the gods and the iconography. It is a progressive jackpot slot game from NetEnt that is live at online casinos like Mr Green. Hall of Gods or Valhalla is the place that all warriors that die valorously in battle ascend to for eternal feasting.

The high paying symbols are the main Norse gods. Their names have been given, which is helpful. The highest payouts are awarded by Odin, the king of the gods. He has only one eye. Odin disgorged one eye to be put in the well of Mimir to take a gulp of the knowledge bestowing waters. Thor, Odin’s son, can be recognised by his flaming red hair. He is the strongest of the gods and the protector of Asgard the home of the gods. Freya is the most beautiful of the goddesses, often associated with love and fertility. Loki, Odin’s half-brother, is the mischief maker. He loves creating trouble for the gods and has the knack of saving his skin when they take him on. Idun is the goddess that bestows immortality of sorts on the other gods by keeping them from aging.

The low paying symbols are the iconic items of the gods. Draupnir is Odin’s golden arm ring, which every nine nights produces eight other replicas of itself. Mjollnir is Thor’s hammer that never misses its mark and always returns to Thor. Brisings is the shining necklace belonging to Freya. Idun worked her magic through apples that she kept in a wooden box. Whenever any of the gods began to age, she would give them an apple and restore their youth.

The wild symbol is Jormungundr, the serpent that circles the Norse universe. It plays a crucial role in ending the world at Ragnarok. The wild symbol appears only on reels 2, 3 and 4 but expands with a fearsome animation if winning combinations are possible. Another representation of Thor’s hammer is the bonus symbol. It triggers the bonus game that will lead to the player winning one of four progressive jackpots. Odin’s ravens trigger the free spins. They are named Huginn and Muninn and act as spies for Odin.