Customizing Microgaming Online Slots


The software provider Microgaming has the largest number of slots game in its portfolio and is adding new ones every month. These slot games load with default settings. Players have to select the betting parameters as per their bankrolls, but many of them leave the other default settings as they are. This article explains the default settings for Microgaming online slots. Adjusting these settings to your preference can lead to an enhanced wagering experience. It must be noted that each Microgaming online slot may not have all the options described below. The customization is done through the Options button located on the bottom tool bar. This button opens the Options set up box where you can select your preferences.

One of the customization options pertains to game speed. In the default setting the reels spin for some time and then come to rest. You can customize the reels to stop quickly and increase the number of spins possible in a given time. Checking the Quick Spin option makes the reels stop instantly. Microgaming offers another option Quick Spin in Free Spins. If you select this option then the reels will stop in the normal manner in the main game, but quickly in the free spins.

The enhanced capabilities of the latest computers have enabled Microgaming to create online slot games rich in audio visual and gaming features. If you have an older version of a desktop or laptop then these slot games may not work too well. Therefore Microgaming allows you to select the Basic graphics option. Some of the visual appeal of the slot game is lost, but the game play is not affected. Some Microgaming slots also come with an Enhanced graphics option that provides an animated background to the reels.

Microgaming distinguishes between the different types of audio sounds present in online slots. Game sounds are the sounds of the reels spinning. Win sounds accompany a winning combination. Background sound is the audio played while the reels spin. Microgaming customization options allow you to individually disable or enable these sound options. There is also an option that allows you to switch off all the sounds together. Unless you like to listen to your favorite music while playing online slots, it makes sense to keep all audio options enabled.

You can select to display your balance in either credits or coins. If you opt for credits then your actual money balance at the online casino will be displayed. If you select coins, then your balance will be converted to number of coins using the selected coin denomination.

Try out these options and see which ones work better for you.