Cashable vs. Non Cashable Casino Bonuses


The word bonus stands for a very generic interpretation, since it is tied to a lot of obvious connotations, such as a reward, an extra benefit, and it is usually assumed to be a benefit you obtain for no cost. As an online casino player you will deal with this word a lot since all online casinos offer different types of bonuses on a daily basis, but it is important for you to know that these bonuses do not necessarily come with no strings attached.

Online casinos want you to wager real money, and they want you to come back and do it again because that is how they make business. As a player, you want to wager real money because it gives you the value of entertainment and the opportunity to multiply your money. As a result of these two trails of thoughts online casinos offer bonuses that will boost your bankroll and give you different credits for you to use when placing wagers. Today, we will discuss the different between two of the most common bonus types: cashable and non-cashable (sticky) bonuses.

Cashable slots bonuses are those that players are allowed to cash out once they meet the wagering requirements. The wagering requirements (also called play-through requirements) are the piece online casino players dread, because they can be hard to meet. These requirements are in place to buffer the risk the online casino is taking by offering the bonuses, and what they ask is that you place bets using the bonus money or the bonus money plus the deposit a certain number of times in order to keep the bonus. When you use a cashable bonus, be aware that you are tied to a certain wagering requirement, but some online casinos make them easier to meet than others.

Non cashable bonus (also called sticky bonuses) are those that allow you to use the money to place bets and you are allowed to keep all the winnings, but not the bonus amount. This means that if you get $200 in bonus money and you make $100 in winnings, you will be able to cash out $100 and not $300 (bonus plus winnings). Even though these bonuses might make it seem like you are getting less in return, it is very relieving to not go through strict wagering requirements.

Now that you know more about bonuses you can make better decisions about boosting your bankroll. Next week we will discuss when it is a good situation to pick either one of these bonuses. Until then, good luck at the tables!