Baccarat Games Not Played Online


Most land casino games can be replicated online. But there are some that are difficult to do so. Among these are two variants of baccarat that are usually played with high stakes. But before these are discussed, it is important to clarify that the common online version of baccarat is based on the land casino game called Punto Banco. Punto is Player and Banco is Banker.

Chemin de Fer is a well-known land casino baccarat variant because of its association with James Bond movies. It has been played in the original Casino Royale and also in Dr. No, Thunderball and GoldenEye. It is usually played on private tables. Chemin de Fer has the casino acting as a facilitator and taking a rake from the table. This is why Chemin de Fer cannot be played online. The bettors bid for the Banker position. The highest bidder then acts as the house, puts up the bid amount as the bank money and accepts bets from other bettors. He also acts as the dealer. All the other bettors have to wager on the Player hand. The bettor who wagers the most plays the hand of the Player. In Chemin de Fer the third cards are not taken based on predetermined rules as in online blackjack. The person acting as the bank and the person playing the Player hand can take their own considered decisions. If the Banker hand wins then the person acting as the house collects all the bets. If the Player hand wins then he pays out all bets at even money. If the Banker hand loses, the house shifts to the next player. The shift can also be voluntarily done.

The other land casino baccarat variant that is not played online is called Baccarat Banque. In this baccarat game the bettors play against the house, which is the casino. The striking difference is that there is one Banker position and two Player positions. The casino plays the Banker hand as per fixed third card rules. The two Player hands are played by two of the bettors. These bettors can take their own decisions for the third card. The other bettors in the baccarat game have to wager on one of the two Player positions. They cannot bet on the Banker hand. Each Player hand is independently matched against the Banker hand and payouts made as required. In Baccarat Banque because two bettors are required to simultaneously and independently play their hands, it is not possible to configure this game as a regular RNG online casino game. Technically it is possible to play this as a multi-player game or a live dealer game but no online casino offers it.