A Lesson In Land Casino Craps


If you have taken a liking to online craps, you may want to play the game when you visit a land casino. The bets offered and the payouts are the same, but land casino craps is boisterous, intimidating and to a limited extent player interactive. This article explains the mechanics of the game in land casinos so that online craps players will know what to expect.

The land casino craps layout is divided is marginally different. The two end sections are identical and contain the pass, come, field and place bets. The middle area contains the proposition bets. In online casino craps only one of the end sections and the middle area are displayed on the screen.

In land casino you are the sole player and the game is conducted by the software. At the land casino craps tables there are a number of personnel, each with specific responsibilities. The stickman stands at the centre of the table and he handles the dice. He is called the stickman because he uses a flexible hooked stick to retrieve the dice after each roll and pass them on to the shooter. Every time the shooter changes, he can select a pair of dice from the set offered by the stickman. The stickman also announces the number rolled and places the proposition bets for the players.

The boxman is the supervisor and he sits directly across the stickman. The casinos bankroll is his responsibility. The boxman makes sure that the payouts are given correctly and also adjudicates any disputes that may arise. There is a dealer on either side of the boxman. Each dealer handles the chips at his end of the table. The dealers also place special bets like place bets and free odds bets. They also place the pucks on the table when a point is established. In land casinos you will find a number of craps tables in an area known as the pit. The pit boss is in overall charge of the pit and he interacts with the tables through a number of floormen.

In online craps the dice are rolled automatically when the button is clicked, sometimes with animation. In land casino craps the players take turns in becoming the shooter moving in a clockwise direction around the table. The shooter rolls the dice across the table. The dice have to bounce off the far wall of the table in order to ensure randomness. You will find the other players screaming at the shooter for a particular number that will win them their bet. If you are not able to shoot the dice properly then you may also get booed.