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Articles for January 2015

  • Types Of Online Blackjack Games

    Published: January 30, 2015

    There are a large number of blackjack variants on offer at online casinos like Vegas Strip Blackjack, European Blackjack, Double Exposure and so on. This article discusses a simpler classification ...


  • Playtech Offers The Best Online Scratch Cards

    Published: January 23, 2015

    Scratch cards are simple and quick gambling games that are often ignored by online casino players. The software provider Playtech has found a unique way to bring its scratch cards ...


  • Two Interesting Online Slots From Playtech

    Published: January 15, 2015

    Multi-player online slots are a comparatively recent addition to online casino gaming. Like multi-player table games they allow players to wager simultaneously on the same game. But in multi-player table ...


  • Enjoy Sneak A Peek Microgaming Online Slots

    Published: January 8, 2015

    There are many online slots games released by Microgaming that are linked in a series. These slot machines serve to drive traffic their counterparts in the series. One of the ...


  • Microgaming Hi Lo 13 European Blackjack Online

    Published: January 1, 2015

    Many online casino blackjack players prefer side bets to relieve the monotony of continuously playing the base game and therefore software providers have developed attractive variants. One such game is ...