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Best No Download Casinos


There are some people who just do not like to download anything. For those people there is an alternative way of getting involved in the online casino action. Through the years, the technology has improved to the point where an online casino can be played without having to be downloaded.

It is not so unusual for folks to be "allergic" to downloading large files such as are required to play in a casino using a software suite. They are obviously wary about picking up viruses, and otherwise they don't want to take up all of that space on their drive, especially if they are signed with more than one casino. The birth of the no-download casino came with the advancements in Flash and/or Java, which provide the elements for the games to be seen and played right through the browser. It's easy to get involved in the games; all you do is sign up, deposit, and load a game into the browser and you're all set. And every time you pull up the casino website you are basically ready to play.

At first these no-download casinos were a little awkward to handle, but they have become easier to use and more seamless to the experience as time has progressed. There is great demand for it, after all. In fact, it is not too often that you will find an online casino that does not have at least an option to play without a download. As with anything else, the quality of the games will differ according to who the software provider is. Some of the graphics are more vivid with certain providers, while others have games that work faster and are more user-friendly. They do have to load in, and some take a few seconds longer than others, but generally it is pretty fast.

One thing that is a consistent truth about no-download casinos is that they do not carry as board a selection of games as their downloadable counterparts. That is just a fact of life. What this would mean to you is that you wouldn't see a lot of the variations of games like blackjack or the same number of slot games that you would find in a casino that was downloaded. However, that just fine with some people, who actually play the no-download version exclusively. Other people use it as a supplement to their action in the download version, or as an alternative that can be used from computers other than their own, since, after all, it is browser-based.